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Projects are the building blocks of our professional and personal lives. So, to live joyfully, we need a joyful approach to our projects.

You might currently enjoy your projects and be utterly motivated by them. But what do you do when there is no flow, and you feel stuck? It happens to all of us from time to time. 

Turning projects and project management into fun games can help.

This little awareness booster shows you how to recognize that projects and project management tasks are already games, and that you are both the designer and the player of them.

It points to the tools you already have at your disposal, but are unaware of, to help you turn your project management into Gameful Project Management.

It explains how to use games, game thinking, and gamification along with awareness and small-step progress, to improve performance in your project management, without considerable investments in expensive technology or new personnel, and without the aim of these goals or forcing change.

This book offers actionable advice on how to use the power of fun as the tool and the compass for turning your project management into engaging games, for you and everyone else involved. 

Topics discussed in the book:

Why Turn Project Management Into Games?

What Projects Should Be Turned into Games?

When Should Projects Be Turned into Games?

By Whom and Where Should Project Management Be Turned into Games?

How Should Projects Be Turned into Games?

Gameful Project Management and the Synergy of Three

Achieving Improvement Without Forcing It

Gameful Project Management and Its Focus on Success Instead of Failure

Gameful Project Management Versus Project Management Gamification

Gameful Project Management versus Serious Games

Defining Gameful Project Management

Designers and Players: The Main Feature of Gameful Project Management

Fun is Not a Bonus; It's a Must for Success

Every Game is a Project; Every Project is a Game

Approaching Goals Anthropologically

Embracing the Project Game Rules

At Least Four Feedback Systems in Real-Life Project Games

Voluntary Participation in Gameful Project Management

Cultivating Gameful Project Management

What is gamification and how it relates to you

What is gamification

ABout Victoria Ichizli-Bartels


Victoria Ichizli-Bartels lives her life as if it were a game and never wants to stop playing. Author of "Self-Gamification Happiness Formula," "5 Minute Perseverance Game" and instructor of the online course "Motivate Yourself by Turning Your Life Into Fun Games," Victoria developed self-gamification, an innovative method for approaching your life as games and having fun in the process.
Victoria is a writer with a background in semiconductor physics, electronic engineering (with a Ph.D.), information technology, and business development. While being a non-gamer, Victoria came up with the new term self-gamification, a gameful and playful self-help approach bringing anthropology, kaizen, and gamification based methods together to increase quality of life.
Victoria was born in Moldova, lived in Germany for twelve years, and now lives in Aalborg, Denmark, with her husband and two children.

If you would like to subscribe to Victoria's blog, newsletter, or both, visit https://www.victoriaichizlibartels.com/subscribe-to-victorias-blog/.

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