Lara's Story

Jeweled Dagger Publishing is excited to present its latest book from Diane Merrill Wigginton, “Lara’s Story,” available January 28th, 2019. 

Lara’s Story is a gripping young adult novel that explores the strength of the human spirit and the power of forgiveness to heal a broken heart.

Surrounded by her large, boisterous family in 1840s Ireland, Lara Flannigan has never known anything but love and belonging—until the day tragedy strikes, leaving her abandoned and forced into indentured servitude. Just when all hope seems lost, Lara is discovered by a childless American couple, visiting Ireland to aid in the famine-relief effort. 

With barely a chance to look back, she’s swept away to a bustling new continent—and a dizzying new reality of petticoats, opulent townhouses, and the cold reaches of Philadelphia high society. Desperate for a future, Lara works tirelessly to fit into her new life, while still haunted by a past that won’t let her go.

Lara’s Story is YA Historical Fiction and intended for ages 13 and above, with characters that are relatable for modern, young readers. However, the storyline and content also have plenty to offer adults. Historical information is embedded seamlessly within a compelling story, illuminated by evocative prose that will make the reader feel they are experiencing the story themselves, through Lara’s eyes. Her story is relatable for modern readers, but also highly informative on the early immigrant experience and this pivotal period in American history.

A review from International Writers Inspiring Change called Lara’s Story "A well-written, enchanting story that is inspiring, emotional, and full of love. I found it difficult to put down and highly recommend this book. I give it 5 stars."  

Pre-order Lara’s Story at your nearest major bookstore, or Amazon, where it will be available January 28th!

About Diane Merrill Wigginton

 Diane Merrill Wigginton is a mother of three and a grandmother. She recently moved to Montana with her husband, where she is able to enjoy a slower-paced, simple rural life and pursue her passion for writing books full-time. 


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